Witchcraft Suppression Law

Witchcraft Suppression Law is a very important Law specially to stop ritual killings and killings in the name of culture in Namibia ( Africa ) 

Laws can’t change a culture BUT laws can change behaviors and changed behaviors change a harmful and dark side of a  culture ( AFW)

The Question :

 Can the Witchcraft Suppression Law get rid of the dark side and harmful practice of witchcraft in Namibia ,like it did in Salem USA in 1692? 

Salem Witch trails.USA


Yes it can!


But why is everything still the same after having the Law for 83 years ? 


  1. Firstly: The  law ( Witchcraft Suppression Law), little-known to Namibians, has had no recorded convictions since independence, although it is still in force.
  2. Secondly: Because many people in the different departments of Law enforcement either don’t know that the Law exist or is of the opinion that:                               A)The Law is outdated, discriminatory and accusatory, although protection is necessary to prevent the dire consequences which result from the practice of witchcraft.           

       B) Thus, it became a criminal offence for African people to use their traditional conventional means to seek explanations for misfortune, illness or death

C) A consolidated and contemporary law must be developed that balances individual rights of freedom of persons with the harm associated with witchcraft.


Because many people accused of being Witches/Wizards that I have found are people living with Dementia, and because I am an activist for people living with Dementia , I am involved either to make sure that every single person in Namibia are aware of the Witchcraft Suppression Law or will advocate that the Law will be redesigned in order that the Human rights of People living with Dementia and other elderly people being accused as Witches/Wizards are respected not only in the common Law but also in the Traditional Laws. 

Follow my journey and experience with me how the dots are connected. 

You can either follow it on my fb page: connecting the dots or my blog: www.alzheimersdementianamibia.wordpress.com 

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