Mally Graveson & Shara Johnson, 21 February 2017 I visited one of the so called strongest Witch doctors in Namibia for a consultation. Why? You may asked me. Because I want to get into their minds / their souls to understand the forces they are using to control so many Africans in Africa. I did it because I want to understand the link between the believe in Witchcraft and Dementia. One thing is very clear to me:
‘The power of Witchcraft is in the mind of the believer’ Without that no Witch doctor have any powers. Without ‘Believers’ no Witch craft will ever exist, not in the dark ages, SALEM or in Africa.
Dr Musamane Kandanga told me on that day that the Kavangos , specifically Mukoya Coster Koshi , my friend and brother will kill me in 2018. He used FEAR [ like many politicians, Prophets and Pastors are doing] to control me and mistrust to create a division between myself and people Kavango and Koshi Mukoya Coster Koshi who I care for and regard as my friends and not enemies.
He tried to con me into a deal by asking N$ 15,000.00 to protect me against my own people and friends.
Well I am NOT a Believer of Witchcraft and therefor never went back for the so called ceremony of protection.
Today [ 31/12/18] is 22 months later. Mr conman Kandanga of Otjibingwe has exactly 12 hours 44 minutes 15 seconds to proof that he has magical powers either or that he is a conman , like all witch doctors with no powers, who use FEAR/MISTRUST/JEALOUSY to control people and to enrich themselves.

2 thoughts on “EVIL TRINITY

  1. Yes education is the greatest equalizer for all misconceptions in Africa. That will be the only weapon that everyone expected to hold on tightly,,, I salute Dr Berry Holtzhausen for such a great awareness rendered to me.

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