‘Education is the strongest weapon through which one can change the world’ ( Nelson Mandela)

Christoff is working at the petrol filling station in Divundu. I met him on Monday ( 11/4/16). My favorite line when I am traveling in Nambia : ‘Do you know a Witch?’ , start the conversation with Christoff.

“My grandmother is a Witch. Last year I was very ill because she bewitched me. After I recovered , I told her:

If you don’t stop bewitching us ( family) I will cut of your ears because you are not listening and after that I will kill you”

Frieda is the floor manager of Namushasha Lodge in east Caprivi on the banks of the Kwando River.

Last night at dinner I explained to her what I am doing and why I am here. Three times she stopped me and said:

When are coming to us to help us also in the Zambesi?
After showing her the pictures of Ndjinaa and  asking her about her understanding of witchcraft she said to me:

” I think it is only uneducated people who keep on running to witch doctors when they getting jealous about some one like me who are rising up and start to have a better live. Education is very important to counter the superstitious believes of witchcraft. The witch doctors is making only big money.

If their bewitching is not working they always say: “The person who you want me to bewitched went to a stronger witch doctor than I am”

Being in the Kavango/Zambezi is proofing to me that the first step in any region is to established a place where ‘witches and Wizards’ can be save.

A place that can also be the place from where ADN can start education programs in the community , from as young as possible ,to help people Understand Dementia and the impact on the lives of people living with brain diseases/disorders caused by the superstition of witchcraft.

I am today on my way to meet Headman Coster. He had a meeting with the community and they agreed that he need to give ADN a place where a save haven for ‘witches and wizards’ can be build.

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