September is about REMEMBER ME

Today we remember Hein who has Frontal Temporal Dementia.

This means Hein only hears the first 2/3 words of a sentence and then he hears nothing. So a sentence sounds like this to Hein: “Hein please lay blah blah blah blah…” You get the picture…


Hein to the left in the brown jersey

Hospitals are very scary places to people with dementia. They don’t understand all the pipes that they they need after an operation and will more often than not, pull the pipes out.

So, for me Berrie, to take Hein to doctor is a big occasion. But Dr Dodd is a very special person. And so I arrived with Hein at the doctor’s rooms. True to his identity, Hein circled the rooms investigating every corner with his sweets and chips close at hand.

Doctor Dodd had to examine Hein while standing. (No sitting for Hein!) It turns out Hein has a hernia. Luckily he only needs treatment and not an operation. So we are sent to Danette, a wonderful orthopedic assistant who treats and helps Hein with a great deal of patience and love.

Hein with his wife and three daughters

Hein with his wife and three daughters


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