The Story of Chief Petrus (6)

The Story of Chief Petrus & 2014 in Review (Final)

He was on the brink of receiving a government loan to start-up a massive workshop in Okahandja when a mysterious disease took hold of him. Since then Namibia’s state doctors has been keeping him on a strict diet of Hadol without ever referring him to a specialist. And so this has continued for nine years…

There on the pavement in front of the Arts & Craft Centre I call the offices of Neurologist Dr Vaja Tjajirua. After explaining who I am, his secretary tells me that they can only help with an opeing in February 2015, but if he goes to the state hospital in Katatura on Tuesdays, Petrus can see the Dr Vaja there as he works there every Tuesday.

The following Tuesday Izak (Chief Petrus’ son) calls me from Katatura State Hospital after explaining to me what the they don’t want to help Petrus. I get on the phone with the nurse on call and she then tells me that Petrus has to return to the Okahandja State Hospital where he needs to get a reference from the doctor to come to Katatura. If I was a car, my gasket would have blown. For the last nine years Chief Petrus has visited the Katatura State Hospital and not once was he referred to Dr Vaja. Now he needed a referral?! I begged and I pleaded, but they could not help Chief Petrus without a referral.

Having calmed down, I called the doctor’s offices again. The secretary assured me that she has never heard of such a thing as needing a reference. In the four years that they have worked at the Katatura State Hospital, this has not happened once. (How was this possible?!)

I called Izak again, but no luck. They simply refuse to help him. Fortunately the secretary calls as they have had a cancellation and Chief Petrus can see the doctor the very next day. ADN decides to sponsor Chief Petrus’ consultation fees and book the appointment.

On the 17th November 2014 I return to Okahandja and go to see Chief Petrus and Izak. According to Izak, Dr Veja welcomed them like family. He sent Chief Petrus back to the Katatura State Hospital for a MRI and blood tests on the 8th December. He also told them that the medicine that Chief Petrus was using, was the wrong medicine (really?!).

I am yet to hear from them again but I sure will keep you posted. All that I know as I write this is that Alzheimer’s Dementia Namibia will fight harder than ever in 2015 to win the struggle for people with dementia in Namibia.

Alzheimer’s Dementia Namibia is excited about 2015. We look forward to all the new moves and also the struggles. If you would like to become part of our small family, please contact us.

All the best,

Berrie Holtzhausen

2 thoughts on “The Story of Chief Petrus (6)

  1. Chief Petrus is n ander mens was gister by hom aan en het paar videos van hom gemaak sou ons dalk een kon pos op die blog?

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