Punctuation malfunction in my brain and my increasing fear of commas.

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There are days when I notice my Alzheimer’s seems to be a bit worse and try to remember to record it for my Alzheimer’s Journey.

So, I will get an apology out the way first – sorry if my grammar and punctuation is all over the place but today my brain cells have gone on strike.

Cats woke us up extremely early at 6.30am – little darlings (smiling through clenched teeth :))) ), and I settled in my chair with my coffee to start reading a new book.

Right from the start I found I couldn’t understand the sentence because those pesky little tadpole commas seemed to be in the wrong place.  I read the first paragraph again slowly but it really did not make much difference.  As you know a comma in the incorrect place can put a totally different meaning on sentence but today for me, every comma…

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2 thoughts on “Punctuation malfunction in my brain and my increasing fear of commas.

  1. Thank you so much for re-blogging my post, education throughout the world is so important 🙂 I am involved in a project that you may be interested in http://www.dementiamentors.org We are a group of people around the world all who have various forms of dementia who offer one-to-one online support for others who may be recently diagnosed early onset. There are lots of short videos created by us telling how it is, and hopefully showing a positive side to living well with dementia. 🙂


    • Hi Gill,
      Thank you for your comment.
      I will definitely have a look at the website and publish some of the videos as they are relevant to what we do and work on. In Namibia, Alzheimer’s Disease is still a big stigma and people are afraid to talk – maybe with your online groups, people will come to the front and talk about what they experience… And hopefully we can assist and help where necessary.

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