I Got Fooled

A look into the live of a caretaker – one who has lost her husband to Alzheimer’s.

Caregiving - To Laugh Or Cry

It has been 44 days since Ron passed away, but whose counting. Some days it feel like it just happened and other days like it has been forever. I have no idea what makes the difference for the time frame. Last week I talked strongly to myself about trying to get back to some form of normalcy. Whatever the heck that is.

I haven’t worked out for months so I wanted to get back to doing that. Amazing how everything starts spreading once you stop exercising on a regular basis. I needed to do many things in the yard; plant annuals, prune roses, etc. I’ve been wanting to take more classes on how to use my new sewing machine, but couldn’t leave Ron. Also, I have several sewing projects I need to finish. Oh, the list goes on and on. So where to start. The sewing store was starting a…

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